Hey lee, I just wanted to tell you that I received the guitar on fri and mannnn, this guitar really is a work of art! I'v been playing guitar and bass since I was about 13-14 yrs old and i'm 35 now and have played many, many,many different guitars from all over and I have to say, this has got to be THE finest guitar i'v ever played. The V shape body takes a little getting used to and have never owned a V, but the neck also has to be the most comfortable neck i'v ever played. You also have been a pleasure to deal with. You answered every question and kept me up to date on everything. Thank you! Its an INCREDIBLE guitar.
 Mike Achen

I received the V yesterday, a day early. I am so pleased with it!! The finish is AWESOME!!!!! I can not believe how beautiful the finish is, and Dan did a GREAT job dotting it up. I must have  stared at it for 10 minutes and just enjoyed the view. The action is  sooooooooo low and it makes it so easy to play. The sound from the  pickups is also killer!! I am so happy with this Kick-Ass Axe!!! You did an EXCELLENT job with it and I am sure I will be driving my  family, as well as my neighbors nuts playing it cranked to 10 on the  amp. Thanks again for the great customer service and the complete  professionalism. Job well done!!!
p.s. Now I know why Zakk Wylde says this guitar is SLAMMING!!!!!

Craig Beckstead

Hiya Lee
Just a mail to say a massive thanks for my polka dot V. I'm absolutely stunned at how good it looks and plays. i would have mailed you sooner but i haven't been able to put it down! you probably know i work in a guitar shop so I'm around all the major brands everyday doing setups and repairs but nothing has come close to the quality of the V you made even at twice the price (rust razorback being one!) the action on the guitar is amazing too.
thanks again

As you know I own 3 Empire guitars and 2 GMW guitars (SS#ís G0003 & G0032) with one more on the way. Every time you build a new guitar for me I can not believe its better than the last one (HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT?). I just spent 3 days at the 2007 NAMM Show in Anaheim California. I visited Fender, Gibson, PRS and Warrior Guitars among others and NO ONE had anything to offer even close to what GMW is offering and the prices that they are asking are ridiculously high. In fact, I have an extensive vintage collection of 50ís, 60ís and 70ís Fender, Gibson and Gretsch guitars and I have decided to sell them all. After playing my GMW (SS#0032) and then playing one of my vintage guitars itís like driving a Porsche on the Autobahn and then driving a 1966 VW Bug on the 101 freeway. Everyone that has heard, played and seen my GMW G0032 has made the comment that itís the best guitar they have ever HEARD, PLAYED or SEEN! If you know anyone that wants to buy some expensive vintage guitars send them my way. I will use the money to buy more GMW guitars. Can you tell that I am worked up, what a high, thanks for building the best!!!!!!!!     


I just wanted to thank you again for the Rhoads polka dot V guitar. This is without a doubt the most well built guitar I own now. I could go on and on about it but to sum it up. Your customer service was first class. You replied to all emails quickly. When you call GMW you get the owner not a dingy salesperson. The quality is definitely that of a master of his trade. The finish is flawless. Everything about it is well above any national manufacturers best guitar. You never once led me to believe this would be a quick delivery and your estimate on ETA was right on. Waiting four months for another one won't be so painful next time. I can only hope that any of my friends who are looking to buy a new guitar take me advise and first look at GMW. Thanks


My wife Nicole just gave me my new polka dot V replica- it was delivered last Thursday.  Wow- what a tremendous present!  I'm obviously a Randy fan, but beyond the fact that it's a replica of his guitar, the quality of the guitar just floored me.  I have about a dozen guitars, including a few Strats and a Les Paul Classic, and none of them play as nice or sound as good as this one. The others are not bad guitars by any means, it's just that this one is notch above. I'm an amateur builder myself (done 4), and I can certainly appreciate the craftmanship that went into this guitar. The finish is flawless and the playability is as close to perfection as I've ever seen. It's a VERY easy guitar to play, and the tone is superb. Outstanding job. I can only hope my next creation comes out within shouting distance of this one.

OH-MY-GOSH!  This is the coolest guitar I have ever laid my hands on!  (and I've had some really cool guitars in the last 20 years!) This guitar is spectacular Lee!  I just stood and stared at it for 15 minutes when I opened it!  I can't get over it!  It is just awesome Lee! The inlays are beautiful, the paint job is flawless, the action is sweet, and..........well, I am at a loss for words.  I can't even describe how happy I am with this guitar!

I really appreciate the extra effort you went through to mail me the pics. I was shopping with other luthiers including another well-known guitar builder who would not give me the time of day.  And when he did, I felt like I was bothering him (I won't mention any names), but I was not feeling the "world class" love.  Not to mention his replica was almost double the price. (Randy Rhoads polka dot V)


I received the Randy Rhoads Polka Dot V this morning.† I'm still in awe at the fantastic work that went into this guitar.† It plays amazing! The finish is flawless and beautiful.† Not only was the guitar everything I hoped it would be, but the service I got from you was "World Class!"† Another "luthier" in Las Vegas wouldn't give me the time of day, and wanted way too much for his "replica".† Not only did he want way too much money, his "replica" wasn't even close to the original. Yours is, and the price was fantastic. Thanks again for a beautiful guitar, and wonderful service.


Wanted to express how pleased I am with the results of your work.  Love the Dan Lawrence graphic complete with signature!  The setup is superlative, the guitar was well worth the wait.  Friends are amazed at the value of getting a guitar that is not cookie cutter, but rather something much more meaningful.  It's not something that some corporation thought would be right as a result of their penny-pinching and cost-cutting schemes, but rather a high-end custom deal where we discussed it and you made it reality.  I've played the San Dimas Charvels, and this guitar has a similar feel on the neck but improves the out of tune problems with the Floyd.  It arrived without a scratch tucked safely inside the outer box.  Thanks again Lee!  Had to tell you how pleased I am. 

Best wishes, James

Just received the GMW Snakeskin strat today. I must say  I am in awe at how good this guitar plays. This is without a doubt the fastest, most comfortable neck I have ever played. It has already replaced my Jackson dinky in the wall hanger as my main guitar. And it sounds phenomenal with the EMG 85. This guitar has all the vibe of a San Dimas Charvel and In my opinion plays better.  Thanks for swapping in the 85 at no extra cost. Canít wait to get started on a custom piece with you guys!


I just received the EVH II clone guitar today......I am overwhelmed at the quality of the guitar. I just had to write and tell you how much am pleased. Thank you so much for the time and detail!


I got my Crossed Swords last night - WOW!!!  I'm still looking for the right words to describe how amazing it is.  I think I sat and looked at it (with a huge grin on my face) for at least 15 minutes before I could bring myself to start playing it.  I've been wanting this guitar for over 15 years and I'm glad I finally had it made.  It's everything I hoped for and I love everything about it - the neck, the action and setup, the graphic!  Please tell Dan thanks for the great work!  I can't thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job on building my dream guitar.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you -your service is outstanding!  I wish other people and other companies could be as nice and as responsive as you are.  You have earned my business and my respect.  I'll be calling you soon for my next purchase - the French guitar! Take care and thanks again.


The Jackson came today !! And I have to tell you what a guitar!!! You guys did a perfect job. The guitar play's better and looks better then my 1988 soloist. I am truly over whelmed and word's can't really explain how happy I am. I will be sending you more of my projects... This guitar is a true Keeper. You all know the kind !! Those you sold and want back and you just can't find one with the same feel and sound.... Great Job!!! 

Thanks Lee - Dennis

What can I say? Just when I thought there is no way you could out-do yourself, you ship me EMPIRE #029. This thing is so incredible. The quilt is amazing with the bursted tigers eye finish. The guitar looks 100 times better in person. The guitar plays incredibly and is set up to perfection! I am so happy with the versatility, tone, and craftsmanship GMW and the Empire line delivers! I am anxiously awaiting the "Pfenniger Blue" archtop you are building me as we speak. Customer for LIFE. These are the best guitars on the planet! The most satisfying thing about my three Empires is they all sound and play so different. From the fat tones of my ATS-LAM string thru; the high-end bite of my 3-tone pickguard model; to the silky smooth playability of the rosewood board on the tigers eye---these guitars cover all the bases and then some. Thanks for the upgraded case too. I appreciate that and your unparalleled customer service. I cant wait to see the pictures of the new Empires you are working on!

Hello Lee, my girlfriend recently bought the Randy Rhoads replica from you and gave it to me for Christmas. When I opened the case I was floored!!! I said some swear words and once I got over the initial shock I just sat there for half an hour just looking at it. I was speechless!!! For one, I couldn't believe she'd bought me such a wonderful present and secondly I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. the world around me became a blur. The TV became a vague sound in the distance and all I could see or think about was this wonderful thing in front of me. I just stared and stared. I didn't speak for about half an hour, I just wanted to take it all in. I had found my 'holy grail' of guitars. When I played it I realized I was playing the best guitar I have ever had in my hands. I usually have to mess with the action with guitars and although the action on this was slightly higher than I am used to, I felt totally comfortable with it and it was like I'd been playing it for years. I plugged it in and was amazed for the third time! I can't say how much I love this guitar and how impressed I am with the care taken, attention to detail and love that went into making it. It is truly superb. feel free to use the above comment on your web site if you wish. Thank you for producing such a  wonderful guitar and being helpful to my girlfriend and for sending her the black volume knobs. Once again, thank you for making such a wonderful instrument, i will cherish it forever. Hail GMW guitars!!!!!


Youv'e done it again!!!  This Empire is killer.  I am surprised and very happy how different this is from my ATS-LAM.  Very versatile guitars. By far the best I have ever played.  The finish is amazing.  I think I made the right choice in my pick of the four pictures you sent. Customer for life


You will be getting more of my money!! This guitar SMOKES!!! Its everything wanted to tee, as if you were reading my mind through emails and phone conversations! would love to elaborate, but I GOTTA go play this bad boy! Thanks A Million!


I've been meaning to write you this email for a few days, but I haven't had time to do so until now. I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for building this instrument for me. I can honestly say that I have not put it down since I received it last Thursday. I also can honestly say that I didn't expect it to be THIS NICE! : ) It plays and sounds amazing, and looks stunning! : ) Over the years I have owned a lot of guitars, and this one is definitely at the top of my list,.....I just can't say enough great things about it, and also can't thank you and your staff enough. Once again, 

Thank you for everything



I am proud to say I've been a loyal customer of GMW for 6 years now and have purchased more guitars with Lee than any other manufacturer. My latest purchase, a single-digit archtop Empire, is undoubtedly the pinnacle of my guitar collecting experience. I have owned everything from custom shop Gibson's, and Fender's, to PRS, handmade BC Rich's, and made-for-celebrity Jackson's. Everything pales in comparison to my new Empire. I've told Lee he should forget about his booth at the NAMM show and have one at the Smithsonian. That is a more appropriate setting for such stunning works of art. There is no way I will ever consider another high-quality instrument unless it comes from GMW. They completely represent the epitome of instrumental craftsmanship and unrelenting dedication to the highest standards of quality and excellence. My new Empire is a monumental tribute to the exquisite brilliance of Lee Garver and GMW. Friend and customer for life


The PRS EG3 guitar just got here and I'm speechless.  BEAUTIFUL JOB! Just wanted to send a quick note and thank you. I know I was demanding and you delivered exactly what I requested.  Thanks for rushing the job and delivering it when I needed it - I'm playing out with it this weekend! Thanks again!


I received the guitar yesterday and I wanted to tell you that the guitar is absolutely gorgeous. the turquoise sparkle is just awesome. I have gotten quite a few guitars refinished in the past and never have I been so satisfied, you are the man and your work speaks for itself.  job well done and I plan on having more pieces painted in the near future.


The guitar came yesterday and it rocks!  Awesome looks, and of course it plays like a dream.  Excellent sustain, no buzzing, superb action.  Just as I expected.  It was well worth the wait. Thanks


Got my bass on Friday. Played out with it on Sat...Cant say enough on how many people out of the 800+ people commented on what a kick ass bass was. Once again. Your company did an EXCELLENT job...Will send another body to you within a few weeks.


The guitar arrived on the Wednesday as you had indicated. I'm very happy with it. It plays very nicely. The neck is incredible. It's by far the best guitar I've ever owned --quality workmanship!!!  Thanks for quick service and professionalism.


You guy's blow me away! My Jake guitar plays, looks and sounds like a dream as wet as Niagara Falls.  I'm amazed that the three guitars I've received from you require no tweaking, whatsoever, on my part.  Keep up the the perfection. Most grateful


Hi Lee, Received the 5150 guitar today...WOW!!!! This is the first guitar I have ever purchased that didn't need an action adjustment to suit my taste. It is absolutely perfect....the neck is incredibly fast and smooth. The wear marks, stripes, etc., are all right on the money! I only have one question.....why in the hell would anyone even consider buying a guitar that wasn't made by GMW? :)


Guitar arrived today - What can I say? It's absolutely perfect, everything I expected and more, and I can't see how it could be any better. As soon as I saw it in the case, through the proective bag, I was in love! If you want another recommendation for your 'customers comments' page, then I'm your man! -


The guitar arrived safely and in great shape, and it is completely and utterly fabulous!  You geniuses have done it once again!  I love the way the mist spills over one side. Well worth the wait, I must say. Love you guys! Until the next one


I received my guitar today and I want to congratulate everyone on another job well done. The paint job was perfect, the refinished neck is gorgeous, the frets are dressed wonderfully but most of all it plays and feels awesome...better than it did new!!! Additionally, everyone is great to talk to and work with and your customer service is by far the best I've ever dealt with in the industry. I'm not one to write testimonials but you and your staff deserve a lot of credit because I actually can't wait to receive a refinished guitar from you. You've taken a scary situation and turned it into a pleasurable experience. Sincerely and customer for life.


I got the guitar that you made for me. I cannot believe the workmanship. I am not exaggerating when I say "I don't think I will buy another guitar from a store" This guitar plays like a dream. It actually encourages me to play better. Beautiful neck. This guitar is better that I ever dreamed. Thank you so much. I am planning my next one for you to make. Thank you again!


The Jackson SL2H in Bengal Yellow is magnificent!  The fit and finish of the guitar is first rate.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing some more in the future.  The guitar was even in tune when it arrived!  Thank you so very much for answering the many questions I had and for an exceptional purchasing experience.  If you ever need any references for prospective clients on the east coast, I'll be more than happy to tell them of the fine service I received.  I hope that your staff, your families and yourself have a wonderful holiday season and keep rockin', maybe this hip-hop stuff will die out soon. Highest regards


I just got done playing my new guitar for the first time, and I had to e-mail you right away  to tell you how incredibly happy I am. Beside the striking graphics, the first thing I noticed about this guitar is that the neck fits nice and snug into the pocket (I don't know why the big guitar making companies can't grasp the importance of this key element). When I started to play, all I could do was grin because out of all the guitars I own, this is the first one that plays perfectly without the need for any tinkering on my part.  The set-up and fretwork are absolutely flawless.  Some players label the Floyd Rose as tone-robbing, but I would urge such people to try one of your guitars because the tone on this thing is nothing short of inspiring. Sustained notes ring long and loud, and muted notes jump out of the guitar with a nice percussive  WHACK. I would also urge all players like myself (who purchased mostly corporate guitars in the past) to check out your website and seriously consider getting one of your instruments. Your customer for life


I just received the guitar and it's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the prompt shipment and excellent pricing. Please feel free to use me as a happy web-customer reference if you ever need one. It's been a pleasure doing business with you


Got the guitar on Friday, thoroughly worked it out over the weekend.  That's the one!  My new no. 1 player.  The workmanship, setup, dressing etc. were exactly as I expected - excellent.  Good work.  We were certainly on the same page regarding finish...the guitar looks exactly like what I visualized.  Thanks alot, and have a good week - chances are I will eventually get another neck from you for another guitar.


Guitar arrived yesterday. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing a most impressive job bringing my B.C. Rich Stealth back to life. Not only do you do incredible work but dealing with you has been a pleasure (unlike others who will remain nameless!!). I am most definitely going to send more work your way and recommend you to friends if they ever need any custom work done. I'll be in touch very soon. Thanks again... A most satisfied customer. ;)


Just wanted to thank you and tell you that the 5150 relic guitar is incredible.  It is even better than I had expected.  Very easy to play and incredibly accurate and true to the original, right up to the cigarette burn! 


It was a perfect match for the dark green color sample which I sent you. I  could not be happier. The guitar is set up just the way I like it. To tell you the truth. I have purchased a JFrog guitar from Ed Roman. He is a miserable person to speak to. When I spoke with him it seemed like I was bothering him. I will never deal with him again. I sold the JFrog because I was not happy with the way the guitar felt. The action was way to high and the truss rod was not adjusted right. When I called him about it again it seemed like I was bothering him. His company sucks. Never again will I deal with him. I have to say it was a pleasure dealing with you. The product I received from you was better than expected. From now on my guitars will be bought through you.


Hi Lee...All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!! You have one super happy customer here in North Dakota. I got the Kelly today and "what the hell"..It turned out better than I hoped it would...Thank you so very much for a sweeeeet job done on it. I guess you weren't taking any chances with the shipping, it arrived safe and sound, the box was huge The graphic, the repair, the paint, fret job, what can I say that words will do justice to how I feel...Your the man!!! I look forward to dealing with you in the future and your superb reputation is so very well deserved !!!!!.....After I receive the bass your building for me now, we'll have to get started on another one I have in mind...Take care and "THANKS" for a job well done.


Well I'm speechless. That is the most incredible job I have ever seen. EVERYONE is off-the-charts impressed. Thanks SOOOOO much.


The guitar arrived today. It is truly a work of art. It's exactly as I had envisioned it would look. More importantly it plays better than it has in 20 years. You did an outstanding job! I got a real kick out of playing through a few UFO albums with it, that's for sure. I can't wait to jam with the guys next week. 

Just received it a few hours ago... Looks amazing, plays amazing, sounds amazing!!!! Can't put it down! Thanks again to you and Dan for your flawless work! I will be contacting you shortly to inquire about repainting a body and  headstock from a used guitar I got a few months ago.


It is a damn work of art. I love it. Its sounds awesome and looks like I have never seen before. I couldn't possible happier. Every guitar so far is blowing me away. I cant wait to see the next 4. I am selling my PC1's. They don't hold a candle to these. There is nothing like having a guitar handmade. This is the way to go.


I got the RATT guitar. Totally impressed with it. The paint job is what I thought it would be, and the rest is awesome- I love that all maple neck. Another killer guitar Lee, and when I save up for the third you can bet I'll be calling you . . .

Thanks a million! - Pat

Excellent Job Lee!! Thanks so much. I love it!!! I used the Black Cherry 2nite, sounded great, & played amazing... Gonna be a favorite I'll tell ya right now. I have a couple of pictures of Neal Schon's new Les Pauls w/Floyds on 'em. I'll send them to ya, maybe you can figure out how Gibson's doing that for him. You da man, hands down


Got my Kelly and it looks and sounds fantastic! 9 months sooner than that other guitar center place could do it. I couldn't be more pleased. Dan's graphics are awesome. Lee put it together right. Thanks again for a job  much better than well done.


AMAZING!!! Thank You, Lee! It's exactly what I wanted! What a 30th birthday present! I don't miss my PRS at all now! Thanks for the pics, as well. I'm going to give them to Jeff later today. After I show off my guitar, of course. Thank you once again for an excellent product, and superior customer service!


The 5150 Rep. is beyond outstanding. I've been playing for over 20 years and I've gotten to the point where I can tell in about 5 seconds if an instrument will work with me or against me. I reject about 499 of 500 instruments I try out just by the initial feel...This guitar is like a best friend...everything was perfectly executed, the neck, the paint job, the set up, the intonation...the attention to detail is remarkable, and every option on my wish list was faithfully rendered...you're right, the fitted case is also out of sight. I know where to get my custom axes from now on...GMW deserves the name "world class", more than a certain other famous East Coast builder...If you have any customers who are hedging about whether the take the plunge on building a guitar, you are free to refer them to my e-mail for a recommendation.


Wow - you and that guy Dan rock. Thanks alot!


My Charvel Model 6 arrived back from you guys today. I opened the case and I gotta tell you, my jaw dropped. I had to check the serial number to see if I was looking at the same guitar I sent you. You took a plain cobalt blue Charvel with yellowed binding and turned it into a high gloss black and Pile O Skulls masterpiece with gleeming binding. I am completely amazed and in awe (for lack of better words) at the quality of work that you guys do. I am looking forward to having some of my other guitars refinished by you!! I can't thank you enough so I guess I'll have to become a repeat customer!!!!! Lee and Dan... A HUGE THANK YOU for your timely and PROFESSIONAL service.

Best Regards - Scott

OH MY GOD!!!! I received my re-finished guitar body today and all I can say is "OH MY GOD!!!" It is perfect!!! It's beautiful!!! I can't believe how great it looks. I'm in total awe... I can't find the words to describe it. Sincerely and customer for life


Give me a moment to catch my breath.... Better yet, I'll email you later. Too teary eyed right now and can't see the key pad well. I'm overcome with over-exposure to beauty. But I'll try and gather my thoughts and email you later.
Moments later..................
Okay Lee, I finally got over the initial shock. This guitar is absolutely everything I expected and more. The neck is so silky smooth. It sounds great and the goal was to have this guitar feel as good as my Wolfgang. It does, but it feels even better. Great job and my hat is off to you.


The body came back today. Thanks again, I really appreciate the extra effort you put into your customer service - I wish every experience with a company could be as nice as this experience. I will definitely refer your company to any interested parties, and I look forward to ordering a new guitar from you in the future. Thanks again - you guys deserve all the success in the world. 


Just wanted to let you know I got the finished body on Friday and I am extremely pleased!! The finish is flawless and white python graphic is incredibly cool looking!!


I received the body today. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the work. Dan Lawrence is quite the artist, to say the least. I can just about sum up the whole experience in one word....WOW!!!!!!! Give a big thanks to Dan for his outstanding effort and kudos to you for the professional service you gave to me. You have my business and trust.


I just received the Rhoads guitar today, and it looks great. I really  love the Kahler. I have been playing it since it got here, and it works perfectly. Great job! Look forward to doing business with  you again soon.


I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for your excellent work. My guitar is awesome, it looks, plays and sounds FANTASTIC! Friends, family and fellow musicians who were familiar with my guitar before it's make over are in awe of the way it turned out. Comments like, "Oh my God, is that the same guitar, and, I knew you were getting some work done but this is way better than I expected" are the norm after opening the case. 

I'm most impressed with how beautiful the guitar looks. The quilt top, finish/color and the abalone binding are breath taking. I don't think I can go back to factory finishes on future guitars after having a GMW finish. Finally, I really appreciate you finishing the guitar within in your quoted deadline. This means a lot to me and to my musician friends. I'll spread the word, GMW is # 1!


WOW!!!!! This is what I call a guitar! It plays extremely well and it looks so great that I don't know if I should stick it on a wall and stare at it or play it. You guys did a great job, this is a guitar that you really can't even buy off a wall anymore! Anyway, this guitar is absolutely a piece of art as well as a awesome player. Now I understand the big craze about Charvel necks and All the letters you got from other people who had their guitars built by you and Dan! You make great guitars. Thank god there is hope after all for all guitarist that are looking for a guitar with personality and great playability. Great job guys.


I finally had a chance to take a look and the guitar and plug it in and play it. It looks incredible, and sounds just like it should. I've shown the picture to everyone I could find on the web, people that can't see it personally, and they all love it. You did an outstanding job on it. I love it, and can't wait to get another one done from you.


Got my guitar yesterday it looks unbelievable and sounds phenomenal, I can't thank you enough. I couldn't put it down last night. Once again, Thanks!


I just got home and the package had arrived. The case was opened and all I could do was grin. I can't say I have felt this way in a long time. The guitar is awesome. It is everything I imagined and hoped it could be. You guys are sharp--The straight head stock, the tone knob, the quarter on the face, the Kramer sticker. The paint job is incredible. I can certainly say that it is worth every cent.

When I initially started to look for Edward guitars, I figured that there would be someone out there that could made a likeness. All I can say is that there is nothing better than having opportunity to get something exactly the way you want it. Thanks for everything and I will look to you for a potential venture in the future.


I just opened the case and I am blown away! I absolutely love it. It looks n feels brand new. I finally have the stealth of my dreams. I've been looking for so long. I cant say enough how happy I am. To me, it looks how a stealth should look. The "R" is dead on too. You guys are fast, reliable n talented. I give this an A+ no doubt. I am gonna steer some of my fellow players your way. Again thanks....a ton!


Got the V today and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!


5150 arrived. WOW !!! To say the least. Lee's work is definitely the best. I can't say enough praise. Thank you very much to you both. You guys are great. Thanks again


Wow, Lee, I really can't thank you enough--this guitar is awesome, and your service was top-notch all the way! You finished the guitar in 1/2 or less time than it would have taken most of the "big" companies, which is much appreciated. I've owned high-end guitars from quite a few of those "big" companies, and I've got to say that this Custom "Scythe" blows them all away. From its gorgeous looks to the great play and awesome sound, this guitar is perfect all the way. You took the time to work one-on-one personally with me to design a guitar specifically for me, and you were able to put in every  custom option I asked for. All along the way, you were there to make sure I was making the best decisions, and offer suggestions of your own. You are always there with quick email responses and phone calls back--right on the ball. You won't find that kind of customer service and support just anywhere, but I found it at GMW! And, also extremely important, your prices are set much lower for most everything than anywhere else--I simply couldn't have afforded to have anyone else build this guitar, but your prices fit my budget well. You've already got another of my guitars for some mods and re-workings, and I'll be passing others on to you in the future--I wouldn't have anyone else do it. Thanks again for such wonderful service, and for building my "dream guitar".


I just wanted to drop you guys a quick line to say how excellent the body looks!!!!! The colors are beautiful, the lines are crisp... It's just unbelievable!!! It's better than I ever thought. Big thanks to you and your staff.


Hi Lee, Thanks for the great guitar and the great service! I have bought a lot of guitars and other music equipment and I never have received the first class treatment that you provided. The normal process for getting the next to dealer cost on any item is that the service is sub standard, not in this case. You made a great deal that nobody could beat plus you gave the best service I have ever encountered. Thanks again Lee, you have a long time customer


Thank you for building one of the coolest guitars I've ever owned. The graphics are perfect, your attention to detail is incredible!!! When the guitar arrived I couldn't take my eyes off of it. After a while I plugged it in, and it sounded GREAT!!!!!! This is truly a masterpiece. I can't wait to purchase another guitar from GMW. I'LL BE BACK!


I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how thrilled I am with the EVH FrankenStrat and the EVH Black/Yellow Strat. I face the dilemma every night as to which one to play. I'm recommending your guitars to everyone I know because of the friendly service, impeccable set-up and the extraordinary paint work. It's no secret that from now on....my guitars will be made by GMW.


I got the body today. It looks fantastic! The Dweezil green is EXACTLY the color I was looking for! Super clean job. I'll have it up and running by this weekend.

Hey ya'll, Seth here. I just had to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you" to all involved. Lee you were incredibly friendly, taking time out of your busy day to answer my questions and showing me those remarkable Empires. Wow! What can I say? The guitar is breathtaking. The tone, the resonance in the body, the layout of the maple and mahogany, I am thrilled to own and play this remarkable instrument. If anyone ever asks I'll send them ya'll's way. And the minute I'm ready to buy another electric guitar I'll be heading to Glendora.

The EVH Strat guitar arrived yesterday afternoon. I took it home and played it for several hours. It is absolutely an incredible, great playing guitar! After the amazement of seeing one of these guitars in person wore off, I went over it top-to-bottom and scrutinized it in my usual anal-retentive way. The finish is almost perfect. I compared the stripe design on front of the guitar to the original on the cover of Van Halen I and they are an exact match. I have never seen the back of the original guitar. I know you guys are the best so I know it's an exact match as well The workmanship on the guitar is virtually perfect. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with Lee and you have gained a customer for life. I am thoroughly impressed by your knowledge of these celebrity guitars, and by your willingness to share that information. You always return phone calls and email promptly. And most importantly, you make me feel like an important and valued customer. It doesn't seem to matter that I am not EVH or EC or whoever. I greatly appreciate that you treat me with the same courtesy and professionalism as if I were indeed a celebrity


I LOVE the guitar, plays like a dream!!!!!!!!Worth every penny! I am also impressed by your service when I called eight minutes after receiving the guitar.


The guitar is amazing!! I am really pleased. It's like the guitar jumped out of the picture I sent you!! Excellent work!


Lee, I got the guitar today. What can I say?.................IM totally STOKED! I am beyond satisfied with it. You guys really know your stuff. I have never been so pleased with anything in all my life. You have been so helpful and patient with me, and I really do appreciate everything you have done. I would like to thank Dan (The MAN LAWRENCE) for his expertise art work also. You have a customer for life. I will show this to everybody I know. My friend that I mentioned to you a while back, He is going to FREAK OUT when he sees the quality of this piece. I know that he will want to have some work done as well. Anyway, Like I said before, we are not done yet, when I get this one paid for (credit card company) I will get back in touch with you and Dan, and we will begin another one. Again, I have never been so pleased with anything, like I am pleased with this guitar. Thanks Guys, I will be in touch.


WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !! I am almost speechless. I knew that it would look good with the stripes, & I saw your scanned picture u sent me,,,,,,,but that scan doesn't show the most important thing here. The Quality & professionalism of the job! Man !! I just sat & looked at it when I 1st opened it up. I guess I wasn't prepared for such a "masterpiece". I can't tell u enough how great it looks. The clear coat you used, & the buffing techniques you employ makes this regular factory guitar look better than any custom job I've ever seen! That is the thickest looking paint job I've EVER encountered. It looks like a bar top....you can't figure out how thick it is. PLEASE feel free to use me as a reference if you ever have a need to. Although I'm not a big star whose endorsement means a big payoff, I am the common ordinary hard working man, whose dollars mean much more when deciding how to spend them. Any working person out there can relate to me & my needs, & just because I'm not the best guitar player in the world, doesn't mean I feel I should not have a good quality guitar for an affordable price. That was the 1st thing that impressed me about your business, you didn't care that my name wasn't "Clapton", you still gave me Fast, Friendly, & reliable service, & the BEST product I've ever seen in the little ol' state of Delaware. I am VERY proud to own this & will not hesitate to tell ALL that ask your website page. I promise to answer ALL Emails that come my way from potential customers of yours. Thanks, & remember this is NOT good-bye, I still have many ideas in my mind of things I want, & now I know where to get them.


I would like to give you special thanks! I have NEVER received such service, quick emails, A++ items, and courtesy. Friend and customer for life! THANKS!


What an incredible guitar! My God, the tone on this baby is amazing. Thank you for delivering a great product, in mint condition, at a great price. For this, you have gained a customer for life. Thanks again, and you can always count on me as a great referral.


Received the neck yesterday - again, you folks did an incredible job.


Lee your the greatest!! ....and to think I wanted to go through my local dealer for my "custom" guitar. You got me a price quote within 24 hours. They had my order for 2 weeks and I was still waiting on them when you gave me an answer. I will go directly through you from now on.


Great quality! I was very pleasantly surprised!


What can I say, you guys are fast getting back to people... very professional.


Thanks for visiting and feel free to call with any questions,
Lee Garver   (626) 914-8082